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"Line Leaders are first level of leaders who lead a group of frontline operators to achieve targeted production/services output for the organization."


This Line Leadership Development Program (LLDP) is a series of training modules designed to help line leaders in the manufacturing industry to improve their effectiveness, to buddy, to provide support and work together with their team of workers to produce better quality work and productivity for the organization. Usually a competent operators, once being promoted to be the group or line leader of the team, will naturally ends up performing the same tasks as their subordinates.  They are not trained to be a leader.  Very often, management assumes the line leader will automatically pick up the skills to become a competent leader or worse, commit the mistake by grouping Line Leaders with the Supervisors and send them for Supervisory skills training programs which does not match their training needs.

This LLDP is specially designed for Line Leaders and those in similar job position in the manufacturing environment.  It consists of foundational training modules that emphasize on being an effective Buddy, to support their subordinates and peers, Leading Others, Communication and Motivation.  These training modules can be further customized into a more structured training program (such as a certificate program) for the workers before/after being promoted to the next level of job position. 

*Note:  Please contact me to discuss on further customizations of these training modules to suit your organization's needs.

This training programs can be conducted fully in Malay language or a mixture of English/Malay languages. 

Target Group
  • Line Leaders, Line Trainers, Manufacturing Specialists, Senior QC Operators, Senior Operators – whose job involves buddying, supporting and training new hires during on-the-job training.
  • This program can also suitable for potential employees earmarked to be future Line Leaders.
  • Program methods include small group discussions, workshop exercises, video, role-play, quizzes and/or group work assignments.
  • *Optional: For Certificate-level, pre- & post-tests are administered to gauge participant's knowledge acquisition.
program outline :


(Duration: 2 Days )

Communication and Buddy Development Skills

( Kemahiran komunikasi & pembimbing rakan sekerja )



  • Suitable for: Asst. Supervisor, Line Leader, Line Trainer, Senior Operators
    (Especially those experienced employees who are selected to buddy new employees on OJT)
  • Objectives:
    - to train senior employees on how to take care of their new buddies
    - to reduce company's new employees turnover rate
    - to support the HR roles in caring for the new employees and train newcomers during OJT
    - to improve employees' cooperation and teamwork
  • Language medium: English or English mixed with Bahasa Melayu


(Duration: 2 Days )

Quality and Productivity Awareness Training

( Program Kesedaran Kualiti & Produktiviti )



  • Suitable for: Operator, QC, Line Leader, Line Trainer, Technician
    (Also can include: General workers e.g. Admin Clerk, Security, Storekeeper, etc)
  • Objectives:
    - to increase employees' awareness on company's strategies to improve quality & productivity.
    - to align all employees toward company's vision/mission/values
    - to change employees' attitude towards quality and productivity
  • Language medium: Bahasa Malaysia





(Duration: 2 Days/ 16Hours)


3A). Motivation & Positive Work Attitude

( Motivasi & Sikap Kerja Yang Positif)

(- 1-day / 8 Hours)




  1. Introduction:
     - What is Motivation?  Why people behavior like this?
     - What is attitude?  Knowledge, Skills, Attitude

  2. Self-Motivation: Concept & Practices:
     - Importance of T-F-A cycles. Understanding of Paradigm.
     - Enlarging & shifting our paradigm to change our behavior.
     - Examples of positive and negative work behaviors.
     - Overcoming negativities and accentuate the positives

  3. Recognize & Empowering Self Toward Positive Work Attitude:
     - Overcoming negativities.
     - How to accentuate the positives
     - Motivating self to be positive
     - Encouraging others to give suggestions & ideas towards work improvements..

  4. Video, case studies, and role-play exercises



3B). Basic Leadership Skills for Line Leader

( Asas-asas kepimpinan untuk Ketua Kumpulan)

(- 1-day / 8 Hours)




  1. Introduction:
     - What is Leadership?  Why need leadership?
     - Who is a leader?

  2. Leader Vs Boss:
     - Differences between Leadership & Boss?.
     - Why we need leadership?
     - Attributes of a good and effective leader.

  3. Basic Frontline Leadership Principles:
     - Focus on the behavior, rather than on personality
     - Maintain self-confidence and self-esteem of others
     - Maintain and build good relationships
     - Make things better through lead-by-example.

  4. Video, case studies, and role-play exercises





(Duration: 2 Days )

Quality Control Circle (QCC) or Small Group Activities (SGA)

( pasukan kawalan mutu/ kumpulan kicil inovatif dan kreatif (QCC/KIK))


  • Especially for : QCC Facilitator/Team Leader/Members, SGA
  • Suitable for: Operator, QC, Line Leader, Line Trainer, Technician, Supervisor
  • Objectives:
    - to train new QCC teams and improve company's quality level
    - to increase employees' participation in on company's QCC or SGA program.
    - to encourage total employees participation toward company's vision/mission/values
    - to prepare employees for Employees Suggestion Scheme or TQM projects


Note : The above 4 modules can be further customized to suit customer's requirements.
administrative details :
Duration : As per module (pls see table above)
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : In-house program
Language medium : Malay or Mixture of Malay/English
Class Size : Up to 25 participants per class unless specified in course outline.
Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
***Please contact ME for more INFORMATION on how to customize these courses for your organization ****
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