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Delegation is one of the most important skills in management.  Done well, delegation is a “Win-Win-Win” for you, your subordinates and your organization. Effective delegation and follow-up frees management time to allow o to pursuit higher leverage tasks or priority goals.  It also helps develops your employees, grooms successors, and retain subordinates.  Successful delegation and empowerment also provides the organization with another level of backup of your people's skill sets.  This is extremely important for strategic succession planning.
Poor delegation and follow-up, on the other hand, causes frustrations, de-motivates and confuses the other person, and often fails to achieve the tasks or purposes.  Effective delegation and follow-up skills can also make a significant difference to the motivation of the individual and productivity of the team.  The resilience of the team to cope with problems and opportunities is increased by the understanding and skills created by effective delegation and follow-up.  The growth of the organization is often limited by the quality of managers and leaders who delegate well.    This important and practical training program provides the participants with the correct skills, process and approach to delegate and follow-up effectively.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of effective delegation & follow-up to today’s Managers and employees
  • Describe the many benefits of effective delegation and its barriers..
  • Identify the role, value and meaning of effective delegation & follow-up
  • Employ the correct process and key principles in delegation and follow-up
  • Plan out and use the proper key actions for effective delegation
  • Use follow-up strategies of delegation & redirect subordinates' efforts to improve through giving constructive feedbacks
  • Practice mock-up delegation & follow-up role-plays with other participants


To stimulate active participation and accelerate the learning experience, this course uses the following methods:

  • Case studies and Small group discussions
  • Mock delegation and follow-up exercises & Role-plays
  • Quiz
  • Action planning & assignments
course contents:


  • Definition of delegation.
  • What is and what is not effective delegation?
  • Why delegate & follow-up?
  • Benefits of delegation & follow-up.
  • Why people don’t delegate? Why people don't follow-up?
  • Barriers to delegation & follow-up.

Leadership Role in Delegation & Follow-Up

  • When do you delegate? To who?
  • Exercise: "Who to delegate?"
  • Key principles in delegation & follow-up.
  • Interaction process of delegating & follow-up

Effective Delegation Process

  • Checking relevant facts.
  • “Go-For” Delegation Vs “Stewardship” Delegation
  • Exercise: "Delegating a task"
  • Delegation Skills: Five Key Steps of Stewardship Delegation:
    - Desired results
    - Guidelines
    - Resources
    - Accountability
    - Consequences
  • Exercise: Case Study 1 + Role Play

Review & Follow-Up Skills

  • Review session: Checking for progress.
  • Exercise: Video
  • Feedback Skills: Giving constructive feedback:
     - Stating the constructive purpose
     - Describing the behaviors observed
     - Impact & reactions
     - Provide opportunity for response
     - Specifying suggestions
  • Possible pitfalls of feedback
  • Exercise: Case Study 2 + Role Play
  • Redirecting efforts towards improvements.

Practices & Exercises

  • Briefing, reviews and support issues
  • Case studies
  • Role-plays
  • Individual & group discussions
  • Individual quizzes
who should attend:
  • All Managers, Department Heads, Project Team Leaders, Supervisors - - whose job involves supervising others or teams for results and to sustain peaked performance.
administrative details :
Duration : 2 days
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : In-house or public program
Language medium : English
Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
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