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Fronline leaders are first line leaders who supervises a group of followers to achieve the operational-level strategies of the organizations. These could be managers, project leaders, departmental heads, supervisors, foreman, etc, etc whose job include supervising a group of followers to execute the daily running of the organization's operations.

The supervisor role is more challenging today than ever before. The transition from excellent performer to competent supervisor can be trying and it demands a new skills set. New supervisors must position themselves as frontline leaders. The demands for higher quality and performance are increasing; the workplace is growing more complex. Even relationships with other are becoming more complicated and demanding. In face of such challenges, frontline leaders have to be effective if they are to help people invest the best of their minds, hearts and hands into their work - - if the work is to be done well. Frontline leaders must move from doing things to people and toward doing more things with people. It is a role that no longer must focus primarily “downward”; it’s expanded role which now must foster collaboration, involvement, and initiative - - not only downward, but upward and across the organization as well.

This Frontline Leadership training program consists of one foundational and a series skills-building course modules that focuses on the essential skills needed to excel in a today’s frontline leadership position. It will help both experienced or recently appointed frontline leaders to gain leadership skills and be confident in their role. This program includes discussions, individual exercises, role play and group work to give participants the best opportunities for learning not just what to do – but how to do it well.


At the end of the course, participants will..

  • Understand the important of effective Frontline Leader’s role in the organization
  • Recognize the challenges facing Frontline Leaders
  • Understand the techniques of leadership effectiveness
  • Learn basic skills for personal effectiveness
  • Learn a series of interpersonal skills modules for frontline leadership effectiveness
  • Practice interpersonal skills key actions for effective frontline leadership
program outline :

1. Foundational Module:

Effective Supervisory Skills

(Duration: 2 Days )

  • Introduction.
  • Expanded Role of the Supervisor:
  • Essential Personal Skills:·
    o. Developing Self-Awareness: Proactiveness
    o. Mental Visualization: Thinking ahead.
    o. Prioritizing & Delegating.
    o. Effective Communication: Listening
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills:
    o.Understanding motivation
    o Understanding group dynamics
  • Frontline Leadership Basic Principles:
    o. Focus on the situation, issues, behaviors, not the person.
    o. Maintain self-esteem & self-confidence of others.
    o. Make thing better and leading by example.
  • Case study and role-play exercises

2. Skills Building Module:

Giving Constructive Feedback

(Duration: 1Day )

  • Leadership functions in giving constructive feedback
  • Recognizing when to give constructive feedback
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills Key Actions:
    o.Stating the constructive purpose of feedback
    o.Describing behaviors observed
    o.Impact and reactions
    o.Providing opportunity for response
    o.Specifying suggestions
  • Possible pitfalls
  • Case study and role-play exercises

3. Skills Building Module:

Recognizing Postive Results

(Duration: 1Day )

  • Leadership functions in recognizing employee’s positive results
  • Cues to watch for when recognizing or rewarding positive results
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills Key Actions:
    o. Describing the results using the three “S” method
    o. Positively reinforcing the results using personal influences
    o. Reaffirming support and trust
    o. Creative rewards, suggestions and possible pitfalls
  • Case study and role-play exercises

4. Skills Building Module:

Getting Good Information From Others

(Duration: 1Day )

  • Leadership functions in getting good information from others
  • Important of good communication techniques and continuously getting good information from others
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills Key Actions:
    o. Focusing on the discussion, filtering for information needed.
    o. Using proper questioning techniques to expand discussion or prompt for specifics
    o. Encourage dialog through proper body language.
    o. Reaffirm understanding, summarize and close the discussion.
  • Suggestions and possible pitfalls5. Case study and role-play exercises

5. Skills Building Module:

Delegation For Productivity & Growth

(Duration: 1Day )

  • Leadership functions in dealing with delegation.
  • Understanding effective delegations.
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills Key Actions:
    o. Open by identifying the responsibility and its importance.
    o. Clarify the responsibility, including expectations and limits.
    o. Develop ideas for transferring the responsibility.
    o. Agree on plan for transferring and tracking the responsibility.
    o. Close by summarizing and confirming confidence
  • Leadership support and reassurance to reconcile people
  • Suggestions and possible pitfalls.
  • Case study and role-play exercises.

6. Skills Building Module:

Dealing with Emotional Behavior

(Duration: 1Day )

  • Leadership functions in dealing with emotional behavior
  • Understanding emotional behaviors
  • Essential Interpersonal Skills Key Actions:
    o. How to calmly acknowledging the emotional behavior
    o. Describe impact of emotional behavior
    o. Continue discussions constructively.
    o. Approach for jointly refocusing on work issue.
  • Leadership support and reassurance to reconcile people
  • Suggestions and possible pitfalls
  • Case study and role-play exercises
Note : The above 6 modules can be customized to suit customer's requirements.
who should attend:
  • All Frontline Leaders (i.e. Managers, Team Leaders, Department Heads, Supervisors) – those whose job involves supervising and leading individuals or teams at the operational level towards excellence. This program is also very suitable for those who want to prepare for a future leadership position.
administrative details :
Duration : As per module (pls see table above)
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : In-house program
Language medium : English
Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
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