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(Made Easy with Microsoft® Excel)

“ For decades businesses have been using those MBA-taught methods to make sound decisions. This course revolutionized the teaching of those proven data-analysis & business quantitative modeling techniques by integrating the use of MS Excel as a business tool for analysis, interpretation and presentation of sound business decisions - - in simple and fast-pace manner! ”


Making sound business quantitative decisions in a timely manner is the key success factor for today’s Business Managers and Entrepreneurs. Faced with large amounts of information available today, most Business Managers use modern tools (such as Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet program) to help them summarize, report, and analyze data in order to make accurate and better decisions. They also need to build analytical business models to help their company increase profits, reduce costs, or just to manage their operations more efficiently.

This training program covers those important MBA subjects in business functional areas such as Finance, Operations, Quality Control, Sales/Marketing and Distribution. It will get you up to speed to use the correct data analysis tools and proven business modeling techniques that could save you tens of hours each week besides providing you with new improved approaches for analyzing important business problems and opportunities. The training approach is hands-on, practical, teach-by-examples with the focused emphasis on “real-world” business scenarios and examples. This program incorporate the use of modern business tools (such as MS Excel) to simplify the task of analysis (e.g. calculating, graphing and searching of statistical tables). In doing so, it allows participants to spend more time focusing on more value-added tasks such as interpreting the business results, optimizing opportunities and creating various business scenarios for those crucial business presentations. You will learn those important business subjects in a fairly painless fashion! This training program is a must for all modern managers and executives who need to acquire these essential business skills to survive and compete in today’s competitive environment.


NOTE: Value-add MS Excel working templates will be given to participants after the completion of this course. These working templates can save participants hundreds of hours in creating charts and building business scenarios for management reports so that participants can immediately transfer what they have learned in the training back into their workplace.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Practice hands-on real business data analysis and quantitative decision-making using proven techniques in the areas of:
    • Statistics, Using Pivot Tables
    • Finance, Operation Management, Sales/Marketing & Quality Control
  • Utilize MS Excel to compile data, tabulate & interpret results, and present tables/charts in a fast track manner.
  • Analyze data quickly using proven methods and construct business models.
  • Solve real work business problems in a fast pace manner.
  • Test and make better business and personal decisions for bottom-line results.


The following methods will be utilized to enhance the participant's learning:
  • Hands-on real business data analysis
  • Case studies, Computer simulation and data analysis exercises
  • Small Group discussions
  • Business scenarios building
course contents:

Introduction to Data Analysis using MS Excel:

  • Introduction to Management Science & Business Operational Decision Analysis.
  • Importance & benefits of utilizing data for business decision making.
  • Benefits of using MS Excel for data analysis
  • Easy charting and tabling techniques for better decision making

Transforming Data Into Information

  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Get new perspectives on data with pivot tables
  • Easy charting and tabling techniques for better decision making.

Analyze & Solve Real Business Problems in the following areas:

  1. Analyzing basic PV, FV, PMT, NPV, IRR for project evaluations.
  2. Plan personal finances, such as computing loan terms or saving for retirement
  3. Using Pivot Tables to slice data according to top customers, best selling products and/or by profits/cost/sales.
  4. Calculate how long it would take to recoup a project’s startup costs
  5. Determine which product mix will yield the greatest profits
  6. Minimize cost of sales
  7. Optimal workforce scheduling
  8. Making “Buy or Build” business decisions
  9. Solve transportation and distribution issues.
  10. Create best, worst, and most-likely scenarios for sales
  11. Optimizing sales results.
  12. Summarizing data with Descriptive Statistics
  13. Analyzing data distribution against specification windows with Histogram
  14. Prioritizing vital areas to solve problems with Pareto diagram.
  15. Analyzing correlation with Scatter diagram
  16. Interpret the effects of price and advertising on sales
  17. Using Simple Regressions and Multiple Regressions
  18. Using control charts to determine level of service or operational process and quality control.

Practical Exercises:

  • Real business data analysis exercises, scenarios & case studies
  • Group discusions and practice business modeling
  • Hands-on using MS Excel templates, formula and statistical computations


1). Pre-requisite: Participants must have some basic Microsoft ® Excel spreadsheet skills such as using formula, work with cell references, edit graphs, etc.

If the participant would like to have prior training on Microsoft® Excel basics before attending this course, please click here to find out more.

2). Class setup must include making available Personal Computers preloaded with MS Excel 2007 (and above) licensed software for participants to hands-on. Participants are encouraged to bring along their own laptop computers.

who should attend:
  • - Business/Operation Managers, Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives and Engineers
administrative details :


: 2 days


: 9.00am - 5.00pm


: In-house or public program

Language medium

: English

Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)

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