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In any organization, employees should be rewarded for results and performance, not activities. An effective performance management system, therefore, sets the foundation for rewarding excellence at the workplace. Managing subordinate's performance at the workplace is the most important skill for a manager.  By focusing on setting clear performance expectations (results, actions and behaviors) that link to the organization’s mission, strategies and goals, you as a superior help your employees know what needs to be done to be successful on the job.  Managing subordinates' performance is not an “annual event” but rather an “on-going” process where through regular reviews that include status updates, coaching and feedback, it allows you and your employees to identify problems early and change the course of a project or work assignment for success.  Managing performance skills, done correctly, can be a very effective motivator; since it can help you and the employees achieve the best possible performance.

This two-days training program is designed to equip you with this crucial skill that helps you to gain the benefits of performance management process; to prepare for and conduct effective performance reviews in ways that link your employee’s performance to your organization’s mission, strategies & goals.



At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the purpose, benefits and importance of an effective performance management process at the workplace
  • Practice and use the performance management cycle (Planning, Review, Assessment).
  • Identify the roles of manager and employees in the performance development process
  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals that relates to organizational goals and clearly communicate it to the employees what you expect from them.
  • Plan, facilitate, assess and improve individual performance through proper coaching, listening and giving constructive feedback techniques.
  • Prepare a mock performance review and practice giving and receiving objective and constructive performance feedback with confidence.
  • Identify best practices for handling challenging situations in performance management


For maximum learning impact and retention, the program learning methods include:

  • Case studies and Small Group discussions
  • Questionnaires and Quizzes
  • Mock performance reviews and role-play
  • Evaluating performance game
course contents:
Part I – Introduction to Performance Management System (PMS)
  • What is Performance Management System (PMS)?
  • Strategic Management & PMS
  • Performance Reviews (PR) & Performance Appraisal (PA)
  • Objectives and importance of PMS
Part 2 – Managing Own Performance
  • Skill 1: Setting effective (S.M.A.R.T) goals
  • Defining Deliverables, Milestones & Tasks
  • Your role as a Manager or Superior
  • Meeting people where they are.
Part 3 – Phase I : Performance Planning
  • The PMS Cycle: Planning, Review, Appraisal (or Assessment)
  • Five Principles of good performance management
  • Performance Expectations = [Results + Actions & Behaviors]/Expectation
  • Set mutual agreement for performance review and time line
Part 4 – Phase II: Performance Review (PR)
  • Why do Performance Reviews (PR)?
  • Goals of PR & what makes a good PR?
  • Performance Review Skills:
     - Skill 2: Focus on Behavior, Not Personality
     - Skill 3: Communication: “Thought Transmission”
     - Skill 4: Coaching Analysis
     - Skill 5: Coaching Skills
Part 5 – Phase III : Performance Appraisal (PA) & Documentation
  • What is Performance Appraisal (PA)?
  • Importance of PR before PA.
  • Documentation:
     - Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
     - Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
     - Verbal/ Written Warning (WW)
who should attend:
  • - Managers, Department Heads and Project Leaders who have people reporting to them officially or unofficially.
administrative details :
Duration : 2 days
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : In-house or public program
Language medium : English
Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
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