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In any organization, performance appraisal (PA) skill is one of the most important skills for a Superior (be it a manager, executive or supervisor level) to guide employees towards achieving the organization’s mission, strategies and goals.  Performance appraisal (or evaluation) can be defined as a process to develop standard of performance criteria in writing and communicate to the employees from time to time their work performance status based on these developed standards. It is very important that employees know how they have performed versus the required standards and how they can further improve their work performance.  It is of great importance that the appraiser conducts the entire PA in a professional & skillful manner.  It must also follow a consistent appraisal standard throughout the whole organization and be appropriately documented. Any deviation will cause great dissatisfactions to the employees.  This two-day training program is specifically designed to help you acquire the crucial skills that helps you prepare for, conduct and follow up evaluations in ways that link worker’s performance to your company’s goals.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose, benefits and importance of an effective performance appraisal system

  • Provide accurate feedback to employees in order to improve their performance.

  • Identify employees training and development needs

  • Use Performance Appraisal (PA) to:
    - serve as a basis to allocate organizational rewards
    - identify promotable employees from internal labor supplies
    - clearly communicate to employees what you expect from them.

  • Describe the relationship between appraisal, performance, development and organizational effectiveness

  • Prepare and conduct successful appraisal interviews.


For maximum learning impact, this program learning methods include:

  • Case studies and Small Group
  • Questionnaires and Quizzes
  • Video and Role-plays
  • Mock performance appraisal interviews
course contents:
The Purpose, Benefits & Importance of Performance Appraisal (PA)
  • What is Performance Management System (PMS) ?
  • What is Performance Appraisal (PA)?
  • Differences between Performance Reviews & Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Appraisal as an effective management tool
  • Objectives and importance of Performance Appraisal

Elements of an Effective Performance Appraisal (PA)

  • Characteristics of effective PA program
  • PA Skill #1: Setting effective S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Measurements of Attitude, Skills and Knowledge (A.S.K)
  • Benefits of Self-Appraisal
  • Understanding the PA forms
  • How to rate and rating errors
  • Importance of two-way communication

Performance Appraisal Skills

  • PA Skill # 2 : Focus on Issues, Behaviors & Situations
  •  PA Skill # 3 : Documenting PR / PA
  •  PA Skill # 4 : Attentive listening

PA Skill #5: Conducting Performance Appraisal Interview

  • Objectives of PA interview
  • PA interview process flow
  •  Ten guidelines to remember
  • Some difficult people to appraise
  • Handling questions asked during PA.

Action Plan & Documentation

  • Standardizations & submission of forms
  • Observing the PA time line
  • Other actions
  • Legal considerations
  • Sample Documents:
     - Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
     - Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
     - Verbal/ Written Warning Letter (WW)
who should attend:
  • -Managers, Department Heads, Senior Executives, Supervisors or Project/Team Leaders  - - especially those who need to conduct formal performance appraisals with their employees.
administrative details :
Duration : 2 days
Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue : In-house or public program
Language medium : English
Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
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