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26-27/Aug/2019 : Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan (Public Program, Penang)  

21-22/Aug/2019 : Analytical Problem Solving & Decision Making (For FLEX, Penang)  

25-26/July/2019 : Statistical Process Control 1 (SPC1) (for FLEX, Penang)  

15-16/Jul/2019: Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan (for PMSB, Penang)  


09-11/Jul/2019: Productivity Improvements (for Institut Perkhidmatan Awam, Brunei)

03-04/Jul/2019: Effective Presentation Skills Workshop ( for Benchmark, Penang)

27-28/Jun/2019: Influencing Skills (for HP, Batu Kawan, Penang)

19-20/Jun/2019: Effective Time Management (for Jabil, Penang)

21-22/May/2019: Habits of Highly Effective Leaders (for Salutica, Ipoh)

15-16/May/2019: Creative Problem Solving (for DELL/Public Program, Penang)


9-10/May/2019 : Trainer Skills Enhancement Workshop - Group 2 (For Jabil, Penang)



04-05/MAr/2019 : Creative Problem Solving - Group 3 (for DELL/Public, Penang)

29-30/Apr/2019: Statistical Process Control 1 (SPC1) (for Venture, Penang)


17 & 24/Apr/2019: Effective Supervisory Skills (for Knowles, Penang)

19/Apr/2019: Trainer Skills Enhancement Workshop - Group 1 (for Jabil, Penang)

11-12/Mar/2019: 7 QC Tools For Quality Control Circles (for TEM, Penang)

16-17/Jan/2019: Effective Time Management (for Sony EMC, Penang)

14-15/Jan/2019: Effective Time Management - Group 2 (for SCHAWK, Kulim)

10-11/Jan/2019: 5S Japanese Good Housekeeping Practices (for UAC, Ipoh)

07-08/Jan/2019: Creative Problem Solving-Group 1 (for DELL/ Public, Penang)

We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese,
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We do not remember days; we remember moments. ~Cesare Pavese,
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