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Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Workshop











Testimonials from Local & Multinational Companies:

1. From SONY EMCS Group, Penang:

  • "Excellent course.  Must attend by all engineers.  Trainer - - good job!"
  • "The best Trainer"
  • "Well done.  Impressive and educated training."
  • "Hopefully to get another training session (other courses).  Effective training session."
  • "Effective and clear explanation.  Good approach to handle youngster like me"
  • "This training was educate and upgrade my skill and daily job routine"
  • "Very good training."
  • "Recommende4d for other Engineers to participate in this course.  It is not only enhance problem solving skill yet improve our knowledge"
  • "Overall is good"
  • "Good training provided by company to enhance good practice at work.  Good trainer also.  Thanks!"
  • "The course really help me to understand more in ways to solve a problem.  It is not only jump into conclusion, it is more to analyze and make a good decision. Thanks!"
  • "Communicate effectively and message delivered well.  Good story and experiences shared."
  • "Great course"
  • "Good course. Recommended"

2. From JABIL group, Penang:

  • "Good Trainer"
  • "It helped to have clearer path to define a problem and better ways to analyze a problem and decision to solve it."
  • "Helpful training"
  • "Interesting and Well prepared."
  • "Informative and easier to understand the contents with practices given"
  • "Training is good"
  • This training helps to understand how to define the problem.
  • "Good course"
  • ""Trainer gets our attention.  He is always validating our understanding."
  • "Life samples used are very useful to absorb the topic of discussion."
  • "Great training.  All points can be adopted to current working environment."
  • "Very good and lot can be learned from trainer."
  • "Very interesting course"
  • "Interesting and able to link back to workplace and family"
  • "Very beneficial on private victory and public victory."
  • "Very interesting.  All employees should attend."

3. From BOSE group, Penang:

  • “Yes I like...Because I enjoy this training, learn more information about leadership and also help to improve myself ... thanks!”.
  • "Very Excellent!”.
  • "More activities"
  • "Very enjoy - - thank you.  Give me a chance to attend."
  • “I like the way the instructor teach"

4. From ALTERA group, Penang:

  • Very good training that I had ever attended.
  • Tips given to give a good presentation.  It's simple and everyone can apply it.  With positive attitude & tips given, it will help me in boosting up my presentation skills.
  • The trainer has shared with us the valuable tips on presenting without fear.
  • Real time training/practice every time.  It will give us more chance to familiarize.
  • Efficient trainer, the class hardly feel bored.  Tips.  It's structural and easy to remember.
  • Emphasis is on practical and not just theory.
  • I am very surprised that the 2-day course that I had just participated is NOT Boring at all.  I learn effective presentation skills through this course.
  • Practical tips that we can implement almost immediately.
  • Has the chance to practice the skills and knowledge.
  • Systematic way of doing presentation.  Instructor kept the interests. The rehearsal and practice session.
  • Useful tips, real life examples. Trainer is very humorous. Overall is a great workshop! (ALTERA)
  • Many practical sessions. Good tips being shared. The class was interesting and useful. Good job Nelson overall. (ALTERA)
  • Overall good training. (ALTERA)
  • Enjoyed the practical sessions. (ALTERA)
  • Good teacher. (ALTERA)
  • A very lively and interesting training. (ALTERA)
  • Good training. Very effective improvement before and after training. (ALTERA)

5. From OSRAM group, Penang:

  • This information is important to create awareness for shopfloor trainer and buddy to be aware on handling peers and subordinates.

  • Excellent!

  • Bagus and sangat baik

  • Good trainer - - knowledge, attitudes and feels comfortable

  • The course content was very good, the instructor good on explaining
     - Good examples from trainer, so I understand the topic

  • Good trainer. Nice person and easy for me to understand.

  • Very good and impressive trainer in deliver the messages as well as the objectives of the training course!! Thanks to Nelson Kok presentation. (OSRAM)

  • Strongly recommended to other colleagues. (OSRAM)
  • Experienced trainer and he shared many real examples with us. (OSRAM)
  • Training is interesting. (OSRAM)
  • Trainer is willing to share experiences. (OSRAM)
  • Material is good and relevant. Example given is practical. (OSRAM)
  • Good training input, not boring. Useful information. (OSRAM)
  • Overall training is interesting. (OSRAM)
  • Good course. (OSRAM)

6. From INFINEON group, Penang:

  • "The way Mr. Nelson explanation, clear and easy to understand"
  • "The Best-Known-Method"
  • "Lively training with examples"
  • "The training is lively and many examples are given."
  • "How organize the course is presented!!!  Highly recommended for Infineon employees"
  • "Speaker/Trainer explained the course well.  He is prepared for the course"
  • "The energy come from the instructor. Very good Malay pronunciation"
  • “The way the trainer presents"
  • "Case studies were easy to understand"
  • "Many good examples given during the workshop.

7. From British American Tobacco (BAT) ASPAC group, Kuala Lumpur:

  • "Very interactive presentation.  Helped me to understand the statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel."
  • "Beneficial, a good training to be applied in Analysis capacity"
  • "Good - - useful for professional development"
  • "Presentation strategy is good.  A lot of hands-on case studies provide clear understanding."
  • " Very useful for those who already have basic understanding in statistics.  i personally feel this is a very good course"
  • Good hands-on/practical demonstration  on 5S.  Course is very relevant to work.  Good training & presentation.
  • Very good, interesting, and met the objectives.
  • Very well-planned course with useful contents.
  • Interesting and enjoyable.
  • Trainer delivers a good information.  Useful for daily work.
  • Good practices shared by Trainer is essential information for us to proceed with 5S implementation.
  • Useful course.

8. From AVAGO group, Penang:

  • Very effective & entertaining. (Avago)
  • Good content and trainer, content was explained well and crisp. (Avago)
  • Interactive and motivating. (Avago)
  • Good use of presentation slides/movies. (Avago)

9. From Symmetry Medical group, Penang:

  • Excellent trainer! (Symmetry Medical)
  • Good way of transmitting the knowledge and experiences to participants. (Symmetry Medical)
  • I like attending the class. Very effective. (Symmetry Medical)
  • Very good training course that must be attended by Management and Supervisors. (Symmetry Medical)
  • Good course! (Symmetry Medical)

Testimonials from Sudan/United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)/ Oman/ Kingdom of Saudi Arab (K.S.A)

  • The best aspects of the course are the instructor's style, the course materials, the live examples.  Nelson is very nice, experienced, and well-informed person.  Very good trainer and hope to attend other trainings by him. (MTN)
  • I really enjoyed the class and benefited from the instructor’s expertise, sense of humor, and lively examples.  Mr. Nelson is awesome instructor to train and influence me. (MTN)
  • The best aspect of the course is how Mr. Nelson trains and impacts my attitude (MTN).
  • Very good program. ( Compliment). Must be trained, lectured by Mr. Nelson Kok.  (Petronas Sudan Marketing Ltd, PSML).
  • Mr. Nelson, the best of trainer for me.  He is very clear and know what we need. (Petronas Sudan Marketing Ltd, PSML).
  • This program by Nelson is highly recommended for managers to be able to transfer knowledge. (PSML)
  • Very excellent program and highly recommended to all staff especially Line Managers. (PSML)
  • This is a very valuable training. Highly recommend this course and trainer.  (PSML)
  • Really useful. Key learning includes new qualification to use MS Excel for statistical purpose. the best aspects of the course are the skills of the trainer. (Electronic Banking Services, EBS)
  • The style of the trainer and his ability to ignite the room and attract participation.  Very lively interaction and practical. (EBS)
  • It is very useful in our work life.  I got more information of data analysis.  Instructor is excellent! (ZAIN)
  • Nelson is a very effective trainer, excellent in his training.  The video of our training session is a perfect example. (ZAIN)
  • One of the best trainers I ever met. (ZAIN)
  • Good content and trainer, content was explained well. (ZAIN)
  • “I would like to thank Nelson Kok for the nice course.  Helpful & provide more ways to analyse data & make good decision” ( - Osman Elyas Osman) (ZAIN)
  • “I have learned new Excel skills & how to solve problems and make accurate decision” (- Montasir Habeed Adbellatif) (ZAIN)
  • “Good course & good instructor.  I have learned new different vision” (-Mustafa Abdel Samia) (ZAIN).
  • One of the best training I ever enjoy.  Excellent course assessment.  Excellent trainer. (Pharma Ixir)
  • It was a good course.  The trainer was great. (Pharma Ixir)
  • The best aspect of the course is the instructor.  The scientific materials. Simplicity of the teacher. (Pharma Ixir)
  • The trainer was keen to insure that all of the participants valued the course, his presentation is attractive and really give us feeling of satisfaction. (Pharma Ixir)
  • The instructor has given us the key to communication process, exercises and practices what we learnt. (Pharma Ixir)
  • It is a very good course. Very relevance to my job. I strongly recommend this course to be conducted to all WNPOC staff.  The instructor make me realize to many skills I can apply and make good at work. (White Nile Petroleum Operating Company, WNPOC)
  • Course content was very good and the Instructor was very excellent. (WNPOC)
  • The program is very related to work.  Instructor provide very useful examples and role-plays to communicate well with participants. (WNPOC)
  • I have gained some tools and techniques that help us to be a better supervisor.  Instructor was very active with trainees. (WNPOC)
  • Very effective.  Personal experiences and stories shared in the class have added great values to our understanding. (WNPOC)
  • I would like to thank Nelson for the nice course. Helpful and provide more ways to analyze data and make good decision.  Good course and good instructor. (Adiyat Marketing & Distribution Ltd)
  • The course is beneficial. The materials provided were helpful. Instructor was helpful to keep participants active. (Petro-Energy E&P Co. Ltd)
  • Overall training is interesting. Instructor is excellent! (DAL Motors)
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Trainer :
Nelson Kok (please click here to see trainer's profile)
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